Thursday, July 17, 2008

Analyze Your Website's traffic

Do you know just how much traffic you are getting on a daily basis? What keywords potential clients are using to kind your site? Where those potential clients are coming from? What pages do they look at & how many are return customers?

To know if your marketing efforts are paying off... these statistics are INVALUABLE!

Google Analytics is one that I use with &

Statcounter is the one I use on my regular website...

Both are free & both gives really good detailed info on all aspects of my sites.
Just sign up (free) .... enter your info & copy & paste th HTML code into your pages of website or use just the numbers that ecrater tells you to & paste into your ecrater or BISI store.

Personally... I like the info I get at statcounter the best. You can look at where your customers came from & when you click on it, it goes right to the spot. I especially like it when I get several orders all on 1 day. I can see that I was mentioned on a blog or forum.

Analytics is good also.... I can see the key words that the most people use & make sure I pack those keywords in forums, blogs or on my product titles.

Stats are a must... or you will never know if staying up till 2 am promoting your site is really worth it! LOL

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