Thursday, June 3, 2010

Need to vent

I know alot of readers don't want to read vents & complaining ... but this is sorta about promoting your site & this may be a better place to scream. LOL

I have quite a few websites since this is my livelihood & it's how I keep the lights on & water running. I work ALL day, EVERY day promoting my online stores. Adding products.... updating squidoo lenses ... blogging ... twittering ... facebook .... ebay.. forums & message boards.
I answer other's blogs & leave my web address if possible. Trying to come up with more ideas to make more money. I have many lenses, blogs, twitters etc.

Now here is my "Venting".

NEW SELLERS who whine about market places not getting fed to google.... googles rules about electronic payments .... "Oh My God, my biz is going down the tubes".... "This FREE store is not like ebay & I'm not getting orders" ... "FREE is not worth my time"..... "they should advertise on TV" (mind you the marketplace is FREE) "Why doesn't my crap sell?" (they have 5 garbage products in their store, shipping is outrageous & there are so many typos in description that I don't understand a word).... "WHAA-WHAA-WHAA!!! I WANT TO SELL STUFF BUT I WANT SOMEONE ELSE TO DO ALL THE WORK FOR FREE"!!!!!

Go AWAY people!!! I am SO tired of giving FREE advise & then you STILL won't get off your rear end & do something!!!

I belong to groups like where there are a BUNCH of incredibly intelligent business owners. Those are the places to be & anywhere there are stupid people... I just have to stay away because I'm going to say something really nasty one of these days!

WHEW.... Thank you for "listening" & BTW, I thought I could write this here because "not so bright" sellers never read biz info anyway & YOU ALL are the Smart Entrepeneurs on the Internet!!!