Friday, February 26, 2010

FREE Matching Gift with ANY ORDER!

Do you need to promote your store?

Order any item from Promote & add your LOGO. With ANY order (1 or 1000)... you will receive a MATCHING free gift! Hand out to clients or be a walking billboard!
Limited time offer. 1 week (2/26 thru 3/6) So hurry & order your promotional products.

HatsWatchesTotebagsEarringsButtonsMagnetsOrnaments ClocksMousepadsMugs & More!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sell YOUR designs on Zazzle... we will set it up

Earning money & not having to deal with Customers.... payments... questions, returns or shipping is the perfect way to raise money as a fundraiser OR extra income! Pet rescue, school, church or any organization fundraisers.

Zazzle is the place for that!
Don't have time or knowledge to set up your store? I will do that FOR you!

Zazzle has quality products & you earn 20% of any orders from your store.
AND YOU DO NOTHING! (except email me the info for set up & spend the royalties)

Here is how my program works:

* Cost: one time fee $150 for total store set up & up to 25 items added from 1 design.
* $25 per extra 25 items per extra design.
* I will email you for all the profile info I will need.
* You send me your logo & I will design a banner for your store.... add links to twitter & other website on your front page.
* You send your first design via email & I will create up to 25 items & post them.
* I will set it up for royalty payments to go to your Paypal. When royalty payments reach $25 or more... payments will go directly to you. You will also receive all sales info, etc. directly from Zazzle.

I will send you all the login info & it becomes YOUR STORE!
When you are ready to add additional designs on products.... THEN I will invoice you the $25 for each additional design.

Now Marketing & promoting is totally up to you. twitter... add to forums .... facebook ... wherever. So actually making money from sales will depend on your marketing efforts.

Here are some zazzle stores I have set up:

Email us for more information.... If you would like to get started, send us your paypal email & I will send an invoice.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Get your own store on Ecrater FOR FREE!!!

Are you planning on defecting from ebay when the next round of price increases take effect?
I don't blame you. All the listing fees... final value fees... payment fees.... 3rd party listing fees... do you REALLY make much money?

Get your store registered & built on ECRATER. They are the ONLY totally free marketplace on the web. (paypal & google checkout still has small fees though)

It is quick & easy to set up. Ecrater sends your store to Google base FOR you to keep your store ranking well in google products. You don't have to keep up with the, ever changing, "Google Rules". Ecrater is also one of the first 3 to become a Google Marketplace Partner.

But don't think if "You build it-they will come". You do have to promote your own store.

Being an active member in the Ecrater Forums will help you do that. It is a forum of all helpful sellers. Some New & some seasoned sellers, all ready to give a helping hand.

Here are examples of a few stores on ecrater...

and Many....Many more!

Ecrater is quickly becoming the fastest growing marketplace on the web & you can be a part of it!