Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Twitter or Not to Twitter

I have 5 twitter accounts & am fairly new. But in the few months, I have learned a few things.
First... It IS a great way to get hits on your site.... as long as you follow a few of the following tips:
#1: DON'T Tweet incessantly... every 5 min... I will either NOT follow you or Unfollow you really fast.

#2: Don't be spamming constantly. If that's all you have to say, then I won't follow or Unfollow you.

#3: If you are having a "chat" with someone I don't follow.... then "get a room" LOL. "listening" to a one sided coversation is just plain irritating.

#4: If all you tweet about are news articles after news articles after news articles... again, I won't follow or I will unfollow!

#5: Now... everyone puts such a high priority on getting as many followers as possible & follow all of them in return. When someone new follows me, I click on their twitter & see how they tweet & what they tweet about. If I find #1 thru #4.... I just choose not to follow. Don't feel guilty. I don't want to see all the garbage & miss the good stuff that I'm intersted in.

To track your link hits... this is a great place .
It generates a shortened url link for you & when people click on in in your tweets, you can see when, who & where they came from.

So there's a few tips for living in"twitterland". Follow us @kjscreations & @bgtogether