Thursday, September 11, 2008

One store...Two stores... More stores

This has just been bugging me.... when new online sellers say "I'm not selling well here so I'm shutting down my store & starting one over here".
Why!!!! Especially if it's free or cheap????

How many of you would go to McDonalds if they were still that first little drive-in in California????
Do you think Pepsi cares WHICH fast food you go to... Taco hut...KFC????
Nope cuz they get all the profit.

Same with websites & online stores. Nice thing is that the inventory is ALL at your one home....
you don't have to fill each store with separate inventory.

ebay stores.... your own websites.... blogs & Many more!
Set up shop everywhere .... link each one ....

I have personalized Candybars at
Then I have Engraved Chocolate at
More engraved chocolate at
Then Candy labels at
Custom Candles at
and scratch off tickets at

ALL having to do with favors or company advertising & all pretty much linking to each other.

Now do I care which of those sites you get Custom candy bars or favors for your wedding??? Heck no... odds are it will be in my pocket anyway.

So don't shut down one store to start another.... just leave it open, especially if it's free! You just never know when someone will find it. (just make sure they have orders go to an email you check often.)

Story..... years ago.... I set up a website (in like 1995 or 96)... sold some dollar store items I had in storage. It was with one of those free hosting sites. Well I thought I had shut it down & never checked that email anymore. One day (over a year later)... I just went to that email, planning on using it again... and there was an order from a month before. For some items from that old site!
I couldn't even remember the site name.
It was only a few dollars, so I didn't notice it in my paypal. Luckily I still had those items, emailed an apology & got it sent.

So there ya go.... you just never know when someone will come upon your store.