Friday, October 15, 2010

Setting up a Landing Page on Facebook

Adding a Landing Page on your Facebook business page is the First Impression your new members will see. Make it WOW them so that they will like your page & suggest to THEIR friends! See
If you already "like" my page.... click into the welcome tab. This is my landing page for new members.

So here we go....

You need to know some HTML for this.

Go to your BIZ PAGE.... click in Edit page (under your logo)... down at the bottom where it says "more applications"... click browse more.
In the box that has "search apps" Type in Static FBML
The first on the list... (static FBML), click on it. Then click on "Add to my page" (under the logo) & click on Add to page button next to the page you want it on.
Now go to your biz page....
Click on Edit page & go to FBML 1 under applications....
Click on Edit. In the box title, that will be what is ON THE TAB to be REALLY short. 1 word or 2 short words.
Write your page in HTML in the box. Save Changes.

Now to make this the Landing page for New visitors...
Go to your biz page wall. Click on Options (under share button)... then click on settings.
Choose from the dropdown (second one) next to "Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else:"
This means visitors who are not yet "likers". You don't want all your current members to go there everytime.
Anyway.... choose the tab you want them to land on. OH.... when you go to edit that new page... click on the "link to this tab"... I think that will put in the tab on your page.

You now have a landing page. To edit it.... just go to your biz page, click edite page.... find that page (it will be named what the tab name is)
Click in the edit. Ta-da.... you may need to change your tabs so that one will show.

Now if you want to add ANOTHER FBML page, like I did with my Coupon Page at
Simply click on edit on an existing FBML page (your welcome or landing page).... scroll to bottom & you will see "add another FBML box"

Just DON'T click on your settings to have "Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else".

For any graphics... you will have to host them yourself or on a place like photobucket.