Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tradeshow Vendor Marketing ...

Advertising to other businesses that are vendors at different tradeshows.

Do you sell personalized items for vendors to give away AT the tradeshows?
How do you get names & contact info????

#1... GO to your local tradeshows & pick up EVERY business card & brochures.
Start your mailing list FROM those cards!

#2... THINK ... what shows are in what seasons.
ski & winter sports will have shows in summer. Winter shows are for "summer vacation" spots.
Sportsman's & RV may be more in winter too.
These businesses are too busy to go to tradeshows or advertise in thier prime season. Think Opposite when it comes to advertising.

Google those types of businesses in the OFF season & start sending brochures, postcards, samples, etc. I don't like doing email marketing. Too much junk.

NOW... do you sell what your Tradeshow customers Need????
Here are some resale, wholesale & dropship merchandise you may want to think about.
Email them for information

All are personalized merchandise that your customer's Logo can go on. Perfect to give away at tradeshows.

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