Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Real Estate Marketing

Tip...... for a Busy Saturday Open House.... get a pack of frozen Rhodes Bread dough. Turn on the oven at 250 degrees & put a loaf right in a bread pan & leave in oven all day. Start it an hour or so before open house. Do NOT think you will have a wonderful loaf of bread by the end of the day cuz it will be rock hard BUT.... when your guest come in the house... it will smell like "Home" with the smell of fresh baked bread!!!

Planning your Open Houses???? Add a bowl of Chocolate Houses for your guests!

Home Sweet Home Bar Milk Chocolate. Each one measures 2.5"x3.5" and individually is packaged in a clear wrapper. Case of 50 Perfect give-a-way in the office, tradeshows or Realty Open Houses.Shipped out within 3 business days via 3 day fedex.
Add your on label to the back of the package.

Only $42.50 for a case of 50 & 2-3 day shipping is $19.95. Your Clients or Guests will remember you!!!

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