Friday, June 27, 2008

STEP #1 Setting up a website

You can't market a site if you don't have one.

So I thought I would start from the beginning. There are MANY types of sites to build. Depending on your knowledge level.... some of this info may or may not be for you. I am NOT a "geek" so alot of this stuff you will have to figure out, ask your webmaster or call a tech support.

I will give you the basics but you have to do the "click by click" action.

If you are having a webmaster, friend, sister, brother, child, spouse or ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF designing your site..... have them send via email ALL passwords & locations of your domains & hosts. If you can, have them send an HTML file of EVERY WEB PAGE.
Even if it all looks like Greek to you, SAVE it on your computer!!!
If your designer moves or is abducted by Aliens ..... you can have someone else OR if you have learned web designing, change or redo your site .... you are not stuck with 99 cent items forever! LOL

EASY way to start:
Using a third party store. This is a way to get products up & posted with a shopping cart already integrated. No HTML knowledge... just plug in the info & pictures.

2 places that are free: or

My favorite is ecrater only because they come up really high in Google if you set up your store & do alot of the things they tell you to do. Google "children's ceiling fans" my ecrater store is #2 on page 1.

PROS: Easy to set up... they help you promote .... shopping cart already available .... the community forums are full of helpful info & other sellers that can help. You can also buy a domain name from anyplace ( I highly recommend & quickly forward it to your ecrater or buyitsellit store.

CONS: No HTML designing... no html linking. It is a "subdomain" unless you have your domain forwarded. No forms available for customer to add personalized info.... you will have to email the customer for the info.

Here are 3 samples (auto forwarded)
& a 1 page site that links into our ecrater store:

INTERMEDIATE: Free sites that have "subdomains" usually have templates.
You can google "free web hosting" or Free subdomains

PROS: easy to set up.... most are totally free
CONS: Popup advertising.... banners & subdomains are harder to get into searches.
Usually a template... so you can't add alot of the "bells & whistles" that you may want.

HIGHER INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED: This MAY be hard for some. Get your domain & I also buy hosting thru they have GREAT prices, great sales & AWESOME phone tech support!

You need to either have Dreamweaver, Frontpage or an FTP program to design & upload to whoever your Host company is.

PROS: You or your webmaster can add all the bells & whistles you need. Can add form scripts, shopping carts... just about anything you need.

CONS: Not absolutely free... but pretty cheap. Harder to set up. Usually takes longer to set up, depending on your content.

Now... these 2 sites were designed on Frontpage & then I uploaded the HTML files via an FTP program.

Here is a FREE FTP program:

I had to have a webgeek teach me how to use it... once I learned, it's now a breeze.

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