Friday, June 27, 2008

Intro to finding Free or Cheap web promoting sites

I am starting this blog for great tips & locations where to get either FREE or REALLY CHEAP tools to promote your site.

Let me introduce myself... I am Shelly & I have been building my own sites since 1995. I remember the VERY first business site I did via ALL HTML (as I was learning) & remember thinking it was just the coolest site ever. I had more blinking...scrolling.... goofy graphics... music... Now I think back to that first site & laugh. What a mess it was!

Now.... even though my sites are always a "Work in Progress" ... I've come a long way from the days of blinking stars & embedded Midi files!

This blog will have "places I've seen" & "tips I've heard" about building & promoting websites & third party stores. There is alot more out there than I know about, but by subscribing to e-zines... newsletters & such, I am always finding "new & improved" ways to get my sites up on the searches & get that traffic really flowing into my site!

I have many sites.... but the main ones are &
Google "engraved chocolate".... my site is #1 (NOT sponsored listings... this is for FREE promoting)
I am STILL working on getting higher with certain keywords
but I'm #3 on page 1 with "candy wraps"

So... take a look at some of these tips & great places to promote YOUR website!

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