Friday, August 14, 2009

Google Docs for Business Partnerships

With forums... groups...boards etc. alot of "like minded" people meet. The internet has made us all "neighbors".

Having a web biz all by yourself can be really hectic so many people have partnered up & split the duties along with the profits.

Along with my personal bizes... I have a biz partner for a bunch of others. Now... we just live across town, however biz partners can live on different ends of the country with all the tools available.

Phones... IMs ... emails are just a few but a REALLY GREAT tool to communicate with a biz partner is Google Docs.

We use this for lists of sites... twitters...squidoo lenses ... blogs.... since I take care of the "social part"... I set up the list with all the logins (just in case I am "abducted by aliens")... and my biz partner has access to all that info.

Another Doc spreadsheet keeps track of orders that I have to get made & shipped. For our biz partner takes care of emails & orders.... puts them on the spreadsheet. Then I go to the spreadsheet... make the earrings, do the shipping & highlight & date the ones that are out the door.

We set up an LLC & all paypal & bank accounts are in our biz name so we both have access to everything. If you do ever get together in a partnership... make sure everything is in writing & everything is available to both partners. Have "duties" separated in writing & never "assume".

So with all the great tools out there, partnerships can be a great way to set up bizes!

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